Scholarship Information

The International Dreamers Scholarship Fund is a scholarship fund administered by the North Star Fund. It was donate-now-buttonestablished in 2013 to provide bright and talented undocumented immigrant students from the International High School @ Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, NY, with an opportunity to pursue higher education.

Recipients are selected based on academic performance, commitment to serving his or her community, and potential for completing an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree. The scholarship funds are for tuition and fees at an institution of higher education only, and are transferred directly to the institution in which the recipient enrolls. The scholarship is renewable each year based upon available funds and satisfactory completion of coursework for up to 5 years.

FUNDING LEVEL: Scholarship amounts vary and range from $1000 to $20,000.


Students are eligible to apply to the International Dreamers Scholarship Fund, if they meet all of the following criteria:

  • The student is ineligible for local, state, and federal financial aid for the foreseeable future.
  • The student has been accepted to an accredited institution of higher education, community colleges included.
  • The student is currently enrolled as a 12th grader from the International High School @ Prospect Heights in Brooklyn, NY, or was a graduate of IHS@PH.
  • The student can demonstrate financial need.
  • The student has demonstrated a commitment to serving his/her community.
  • The student has demonstrated a commitment to completing an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.
  • The student has submitted all required components of the scholarship application.

If you are unsure if you meet the above criteria, please meet with the college counselor or your advisor.


Applications can be submitted on a rolling basis.


Scholarships are disbursed directly to the institution where the recipient is enrolled.  To receive the scholarship, students must be enrolled at a public or private college or university.  Awardees must maintain an annual grade point average of 2.5. Awardees must also submit a written academic and professional update each semester for which they are funded by the scholarship, including proof of grades. Awardees will also renew their application each year to demonstrated continued eligibility. Scholarship terms may be subject to change from year to year depending on available funds.

For questions, please email Joanna Yip at the International Dreamers Scholarship Fund at .


Request an application form by emailing the International Dreamers Scholarship Fund at to request an application form. In this email, inform the fund that you intend to apply for the scholarship and ask the fund to email you the application form.  The application form will be sent to you as an attachment. You need to download this form. When you have completed the form, email it back to with all of your other application materials at the same time.

A Complete Application Consists of:

1.             Official High School Transcript

2.             Personal Essay – Submit one or two essays that provide a representation of who you are as a person and as a student.  The essay(s) could be ones you have already previously written for class or for another application.

3.             Teacher Recommendation – This teacher should provide evidence that the student can complete academic work at the college level.

4.             Counselor/or CBO Recommendation – This recommender should speak to the student’s personal story, or of the student’s leadership and commitment to his/her community.

5.             Peer Recommendation – This recommender should be a peer who has witnessed or personally benefited from the applicant’s help in/or outside of our school’s community.

6.             A completed application form that includes supplemental writing tasks