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The International High School @ Prospect Heights empowers recent immigrant students by teaching them fluency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding  English through a rigorous curriculum that is language  rich, interdisciplinary, and project-based. Students learn to think critically, navigate societal constructs and prepare for  college and other educational opportunities after high school. Students, staff and families create a caring school environment that promotes collaboration, cross-cultural interaction, and appreciation of diversity. Above all, International High School students become successful contributing members of society and conscientious global citizens of the future.

IHS@PH is a New York City public high school that exclusively serves recently arrived immigrants. Many of our students come from families at the bottom of New York City’s economic ladder. These families want what we all want for our children: a chance at a better life through a college education.  At IHS@PH we are proud to say that, with five Seinfeld scholars and seven Gates Millenium Scholars to date, we have a strong track record in the difficult task of preparing recently arrived immigrant students for selective colleges.

However, our undocumented students face a hurdle that our school community has up until now been unable to overcome. Because of federal restrictions, undocumented students are often left to pay for college tuition out of pocket. Many undocumented students make the difficult and heart-breaking decision to forego attending college altogether. There is no telling when the situation might change, even with immigration reform in the works at the federal level.

Not only do these children lose out, but we all lose out, too: we lose the talent, creativity, and drive of these gifted youth, and lose the investment we as a society have put into their high school education.

We cannot let another year pass in which a bright and talented student must forgo their college education due to a lack of funds.

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