Dreams, not deportations

The day after the 2016 Presidential election, immigrant students at many schools, including our own,  were terrified, outraged, and depressed. They were filled with questions like, “When will I be deported?” “Why does America hate immigrants, Muslims and Mexicans?” They are confused and worried about their future. As supporters of dreamers, we are angry, hurt, and concerned about the future of undocumented youth under a Trump presidency.

Now is the time to show the world we are a country where all our children can dream and reach their potential. We want dreams and education, not deportation.

The International Dreamers Scholarship Fund hopes to raise $15,000 by Inauguration Day to show undocumented immigrants that their supporters are dedicated and undeterred, even with a new President. Your donations to our scholarship fund will help to change the fates of these deserving students and counter the racist and xenophobic messages coming from the media and government. Now more than ever, dreamers need to know that Trump does not speak for us.

Here are some things you can do to take action:

  1. Learn more about our scholarship fund, and other organizations, that support undocumented students. See our website: https://dreamersfund.wordpress.com/

  2. Make a donation to the International Dreamers Scholarship Fund, which provides scholarship awards to undocumented youth to go to college. To make an online donation, go to https://northstarfund.org/give/donate/donate-to-the-dreamers-fund

  3. Email your friends and family. Tell them why this cause is important to you, and why you are concerned. Ask them to make a donation as well.

  4. Use social media to post information about our scholarship fund, as well as other information to advocate for undocumented immigrants. See our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheInternationalDreamersFund/

We can all do a small part in the struggle for immigrant rights.