Thanks to this scholarship what once seemed a nightmare for me is now a dream in real life. The International Dreamers Scholarship Fund is the key to opening many doors in my life.  It means a lot to me because I was living in a world where I felt powerless and less than others. Your support brought me both hope and the motivation to succeed.  

– Elisa Corado, 2013 International Dreamers Scholarship Fund Recipient

March 15th, 2014 started the second season of fundraising for our fund. We’re trying to raise $30.000 by June 1st. Please DONATE NOW!

Everybody has dreams.  Some people work hard and make their dreams come true.  Other people work hard and through no fault of their own their dreams are crushed.  If you could, wouldn’t you help such a dreamer? By giving to the The International Dreamers Scholarship Fund, you can.

Many undocumented students are just such dreamers. They are young people who were brought to the United States as children without documentation. Now, after years of living here, they want to go to college.  But under federal law, undocumented youth are ineligible for state or federal financial aid.  At International High School at Prospect Heights (IHS@PH) we have seen many of our best and brightest students unable to reach their dream of a college education. Why? Without financial aid they simply can’t afford it.

In our first fundraising season, a group of teachers, staff and friends of IHS@PH pooled their resources and reached out to their communities to raise $40,000. We guaranteed a scholarship to two students and set the stage for a long-term fund that awards scholarships that make dreams of higher education a reality for high-achieving undocumented students every year.

Donate now to The International Dreamers Scholarship Fund, by going to the North Star Fund web-site, and designating the International Dreamers Scholarship Fund as the recipient of your gift.

The International Dreamers Scholarship Fund is a 501(c)(3) charity administered by the North Star Fund.

$17,637 raised in our second season!
We need $12,363 to reach our goal!

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